This is the type of news that's crazy exciting to us and probably of only mild curiosity to you, fair reader, but there is some coolness baked into this beta, we swear. Namely, the first early version of our automatic scheduling is there waiting for you to try out. Keep in mind you have to have an email and phone field in your screener for it to work. Also, sub-accounts are now available so you can add people with permissions to specific screeners. We hope this will be beneficial to keep the key players in your research studies included to see and access the fun stuff. Here are the key amazing bits:

The Best Question Editing Experience Ever

At least we think so. It's easier than ever to customize your screener and question types. We've also added some 'shortcuts' and suggested questions to speed things up a bit if you're in a time crunch. 


The Magic of The Drill Down

When you set a screener question type to 'Magic Drill Down' you can prompt recruits who answer a question according to your chosen filters, to select times they are available to participate in an interview or study. *Note that you need to have 'Magic Scheduling' also chosen as a question type to successfully use 'Magic Drill Down'. 



Introducing Ethnio Scoring

The number on the left of the recruit information is based on an algorithm created to narrow down your results of recruits based on your own filterning preferences. You can filter recruits by ethnio score and/or have a notificaiton setup to alert you when you get recruits who reach a particular ethnio score. 




Manage Those Damn Ethnio Codes More Easily 

This is particularly helpful to those who have multiple screeners, possibly multiple team members also, and want to reassign screeners to different codes without having to remove and replace any code.



Sub-Accounts & Teamwork

Now multiple members of your team and/or clients can see and edit particular screeners based on permissions you set. 




The Beautiful New Account Dashboard, Voila

Our new dashboard is not only well designed, but promotes fluid navigation and management of screeners, participant data, and incentives. And you can find updates, see your account stats, and browse customer support info - all from one place. 





Scheduling Has Happened, People

The long awaited (mostly by remote ux enthusiasts like us) scheduling feature is ready to try! Although there are still some things we're making changes to, we're pretty excited for people to put it to good use. 


Step 1. Set Your Date & Time Preferences, and Sync Your gCal


Step 2. You Customize Notifications for Potential Recruits


Step 3. Recruits Choose & Select Times They're Available

(this is what recruits will see)



Step 4. You Choose Recruits to Schedule


Step 5. Recruit Receives Email to Confirm Date & Time



Step 6. Your gCal Updates


Step 7. Pay & Manage Incentives Using Your Ethnio Account


Overall, we hope that our redesign will make the recruiting process more efficient and effective for those who use ethnio. We understand the difficulties that come with having so many remote research tools at your disposal- and keeping track of them all. Using ethnio, we hope you're able to manage not only a recruiting tool, but also participant data, incentive payments, and even to keep a participant pool on hand if needed.